Pediatric Dentistry

The pedodontics or pediatric dentistry deals with dentistry to children.
A child who has lost his front teeth

The focus is on the prevention of caries by dental hygienist or dentist (the suggestion of proper diet, fluoride application, fissure sealing, oral hygiene education, early detection of dysgnathia) and research collaboration of young patients.


The word derives from the greek pedodontics pais (child) + odus (tooth))
Child psychology

Dialogue as therapy should be used in the presence of both specialists and parents to allow the child to overcome his fears, especially with regard to the pain, in the possible presence of procedures that can be applied, such as surgery and orthodontic treatment where necessary.

Among the most frequent diseases of the tooth are:

Caries, infectious disease that affects the teeth, and that may have evolved very rapid;
Pulpitis, the inflammation of the pulp of the tooth, which can occur without pain and to a greater extent than in the adult
Abscess, a collection of pus.
Baby bottle syndrome, or severe caries of deciduous teeth, common in children, which can affect the vestibular face of the front teeth and can be favored by a prolonged breastfeeding, oral hygiene Limited and / or by the permanent presence of bottles containing liquids sugar.

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